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As promised, all blog posts shall remain short and sweet. Pete & Jackie are two of our best, dearest, most awesome, bad ass friends. These two have embarked on a grand ol’ adventure, wandering through the southwest until heading north (way north) where Pete will begin biking the Continental Divide. Buddy and I got to meet up with Pete & Jackie in Moab, Utah a few weeks ago where we camped at Needles Overlook, then moved onto the Indian Creek area (just east of Canyonlands NationalRead More


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Hi Friends. I know I vowed to keep my blog posts short and sweet, so I’ll try to keep this one on par… But this post contains some insight into a semi-recent realization about my life (that I’m pretty excited about). So here we go! For a long time, I wanted white cabinets in my kitchen… You know the ones. Bright white. With matching bright white walls. and white trim. And even when the house was a mess, it would somehow still lookRead More


March 26, 2017 Engagement, People

Mike + Steph / Pre-Engagement / Steamboat Springs, CO These two!! One weekend we intended to ‘car camp’ and have some photo fun – but in order to get to the perfect location, we ended up carrying ALL of our gear (grill included…) to stunning location. Mike and Steph weren’t engaged on this camping trip… but I must have known something big was coming, because one week later, Mike proposed to Stephanie… IN IRELAND! Congratulations, you two <3


March 26, 2017 Engagement, People

Ben + Jackie / Engagement / Chanhassen, MN Okay – these two were SO fun! We may or may not have even gotten scolded for unknowingly going into an area we weren’t supposed to, all to get the perfect shot. I felt awful, of course… but these two just laughed their butts off and we moved onto our next location! (Oops – rookie mistake). Thanks, guys, for not firing me after I got us into (pseudo)trouble!


March 26, 2017 Baby, Family, People

Odin / Baby + Family / Steamboat Springs, CO In Germanic mythology, Odin was a widely revered god… Yeah – this kid is awesome, to say the least. And so are his parents, who I got to photograph while they were pregnant with this little angel babe! Come on… The cozy jammies, the faux fur blanket, those eyes, and the tiny toes! It’s safe to say I could spend all afternoon photographing this handsome little man… but a kid’s gotta nap and a photographer’sRead More


March 24, 2017 Engagement, People

Andy + Lauren / Engagement / Steamboat Springs, CO I wish you could feel how cold this engagement session was… Being from Minnesota, I pride myself on never being ‘too cold’ here in Colorado (after all, I now live 6,000 feet closer to the sun than ever before)… But this was one of those bitter cold days that rivaled a Minnesota winter day. The cold didn’t stop Andy & Lauren though – they showed up in their puffies, all smiles, ready to trek throughRead More


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March 24, 2017 Engagement, People

Nate + Allie / Engagement / Minneapolis, MN Let’s consider this my official vow to always keep my blog posts short and sweet because, let’s be honest, we’re all just here to scroll through photos of beautiful people. With that being said, this was probably one of the longest shoots of my life, and I mean that in the best way possible! Nate, Allie and I spent an entire Saturday strolling through flower fields, parks and gardens capturing their love & moosh. WeRead More