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As promised, all blog posts shall remain short and sweet.

Pete & Jackie are two of our best, dearest, most awesome, bad ass friends.
These two have embarked on a grand ol’ adventure, wandering through the southwest until heading north (way north) where Pete will begin biking the Continental Divide.

Buddy and I got to meet up with Pete & Jackie in Moab, Utah a few weeks ago where we camped at Needles Overlook, then moved onto the Indian Creek area (just east of Canyonlands National Park). Pete & Jackie are effortlessly photogenic and fun (and the landscape was perfection), so I couldn’t resist taking photos of them throughout our trip.

Camping, friends, dogs, laughing ’til my stomach hurts… All a few of my favorite things in one fantastic weekend with these truly fantastic people.

If you want to follow Pete & Jackie’s journey (in far more depth than what you’ve gotten here), visit their page here.

All my best!

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