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Hi Friends.

I know I vowed to keep my blog posts short and sweet, so I’ll try to keep this one on par… But this post contains some insight into a semi-recent realization about my life (that I’m pretty excited about). So here we go!

For a long time, I wanted white cabinets in my kitchen… You know the ones. Bright white. With matching bright white walls. and white trim. And even when the house was a mess, it would somehow still look put together. I wanted all of my photos to be pretty, light & feminine, with flowers in vases and subtle gold accents.

But you know what? As appealing as those photos and life may be (trust me, definitely still appealing to me even after my realization), that’s just not my reality. In any way. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that those things don’t even reflect my interests…

We live in a log home with the charm of an old Scandinavian ski lodge. There is character everywhere you look – from the precious heart cutouts in the fence and shutters, to the wood burning stove that Buddy’s grandfather had shipped from Germany for this very home. The cabinets are original, and you better believe they squeak when they open and close. There is a ‘trick’ to nearly everything (slam the pantry door to close it all the way, hold down the handle and count to 5 when you flush the toilet, etc.).

Nope, certainly no clean, white cabinets here. And I’m very much okay with that. More than okay with that, actually! Because as much as I like to daydream about crisp white walls and perfectly placed decor, those things wouldn’t last long around here.

So here’s a glimpse into a rainy day around our wonderful, cozy, cabin in the mountains. No white cabinets or trim to be found, but plenty of character and lots of love. Our dwelling place is a reflection of ourselves and how we enjoy spending our time. Our lives consist of muddy boots, and puppy paws, and dusty camping gear, and dirty hands from digging in the garden. I will always (always) have a warm fuzzy space in my heart for the pretty white kitchens, but this is my reality and I couldn’t be happier about it!

And that, my friends, has been my semi-recent realization. I can admire things without wanting to make them my own. Jamming the wrong shaped puzzle pieces to fit into the big picture isn’t exactly the same as them fitting perfectly in their place. So learn to embrace the pieces you’ve got – and the outcome will be much better than a fake or half-assed version of something that is untrue to you.

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